KSRSAC has been lending helping hand to various line departments, zilla panchayats and other govt. institutions, universities and colleges, non govt. organizations, public sector and private sector institutions by carring out customized project and by providing consultancy services and raw data/processed products such as satellite data base maps, thematic maps, action plans, attribute data, and geodatabases at nominal cost. The geospatial database developed by KSRSAC is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for decision-making process in the Line Departments. KSRSAC is working in synergy with the Line Departments for taking up customized projects catering to their specific requirements.

KSRSAC offers the following services to all the line departments of Central and State Governments, public /private sector organizations, NGOs, farmers or any fellow citizens of Karnataka/ India.

  • Selection, procurement and supply of satellite imageries in optical and microwave bands, aerial photos and LIDAR data of both indigenous as well as foreign origin for the use in various projects would be taken up on request from user agencies through NRSC, ISRO, Hyderabad

  • The DGPS survey and Total Station Survey, are being taken up for Georeferencing of imageries, location mapping, boundary fixing and feature mapping.

  • Scanning, digitisation, digital cartography, value addition and printing of hard copy maps.

  • Digital image processing of aerial photographs and satellite imageries generation of DEM, DSM and Orthorectification of satellite imageries.

  • Interpretation of satellite imageries and preparation of Base maps on various scales ranging from one million to 500 scale, utility maps, and thematic maps such as drainage maps, surface water bodies, slope and aspect maps, land use land cover maps, soil maps, geological structures maps, lithological maps, geomorphology maps, and other maps.

  • Inventory of natural resources, distribution maps, density maps are prepared by our Centre.

  • Using RS , GIS and GPS various interpretative maps that help in developing action plans and site suitability are generated; multi-criteria analysis, impact assessment, change detection, spatial and temporal analysis are carried out.

  • Using GIS network analysis and proximity analysis of geospatial data are being carried out.

  • The Development of land resource information system, decision support systems, early warning systems etc are being undertaken by the Centre.

  • Preparation of project proposals, Detailed Project Reports, cost and time estimation of RS and GIS projects is also undertaken.

  • Training, capacity building, consultation are carried out based on both on request as well as needs of the user organizations.

  • Conduct of Awareness programmes, refresher programmes to common man and University staff are arranged based on need and demand.